Conditions of Use

Artistically Inclined Licensing reserves the right to change by adding and/or deleting content to our Terms and Conditions of Use at any time for any reason. You will be notified with any major changes in a timely manner.

When using tubes and kits purchased and/or gifted from Artistically Inclined Licensing you MUST follow these rules:

1. Purchases and Gifts

Everything purchased and/or gifted at Artistically Inclined Licensing is for PERSONAL USE ONLY and is NOT to be shared for any reason or under any circumstances and may not be reproduced, sold, or redistributed in any way. This includes but is NOT limited to distribution through any electronic or digital means; such as sharing through group (shared) email's or any other downloadable Media's (examples: 4shared or Rapidshare).

NO commercial use and/or printing of any artist's work from this website is permitted in any way, at any time.

2. Illegal Sharing and Copyright Infringements

All suspected illegal sharing of Artistically Inclined Licensing tubes and kits should be reported to the following email address:

Please send as much information as you can when you email us and we will investigate further.

Anyone proven to have illegally shared any content from the Artistically Inclined Licensing website can and WILL be banned from shopping at Artistically Inclined Licensing, as well as loss of use of their Artistically Inclined Licensing license.

You MAY make backup copies for your personal use and are strongly advised to do so as it is our policy to only reset an order ONE (1) time. Additionally, orders over 60 days will be charged a $2 reset fee. Your order will be available for FIVE (5) downloads or SEVEN (7) days.

3. Tag Copyright and Scrap kit and Photograph Credits

Tags with artist tubes must contain the following,

Artist name

Website address
Your Artistically Inclined Licensing license number

EXAMPLE: © Artist name | Artist Website | AIL####

ALL copyright information MUST be clearly visible. And your license number is always written as AIL####


If an artist has any adult content rated artwork on their website and some groups do not allow them, then you are allowed to leave out the website address on your creations.

Also, since Facebook has changed their policy about the new timeline covers having the artist website address on them, please just use your license number and the artist name.

EXAMPLE:  ©Artist name | AIL####

Scrap Kits

Credit is NOT required when used with another artist's image in your creations. However, if the kit is used on its own, like in Incredimail stationary then credit is required:

EXAMPLE: Scrap Kit by Scrap Designer's Name Scrap Designer's Website AIL####

 Please do NOT rip (take apart) the scrap kits to use in other kits or claim any part as your own.


You may use stock or your own photographs with our artists

EXAMPLE: 'Photo by' or 'Photo Courtesy of' | Photographer Name | Photographer Website

Do NOT use a URL of your website or a © followed by your name. However, you MAY use 'Tagged by', 'Sig Tag by' or some other sort of tagger watermark, etc.

4. All Other Rules

a. Blank tags, stationary, avatars, etc., are NOT permitted.Tags and stationary must contain a prominent saying such as, 'Hello,' 'Thank You,' 'Welcome,' etc.  All avatars must at least have an initial.

Any stationary made using Artistically Inclined Licensing artist's should display the copyright information and license number both at the actual artwork/tube as well as in the footer of the stationary.

b. Adding sparkle is allowed to enhance a tag; for example glitter in parts of hair, jewelry etc.

No recoloring of images or tubes is allowed unless otherwise stated by the artist on the specific tube. Do NOT select parts of a tube and then recolor. Greyscaling the tube to match the tag is allowed as well as recoloring to a single hue.

c. Cutting up of tubes and adding to others is also NOT allowed.

d. All tubes are 500 - 600 pixels on the longest side.

You are NOT allowed to upscale (make larger) any tubes, though you are allowed to downsize (make smaller).Artistically Inclined Licensing tubes must not exceed 72dpi (dots per inch) or ppi (pixels per inch).

f. Mixing artists is not allowed, though you are allowed to mix tubes from the same artist.

EXAMPLE: You may not mix Kristie Silva's tubes with James Adams' tubes

You are allowed and encouraged to use Artistically Inclined Licensing artists in your tutorials, but when doing so, please include a link to the artist's tube or the Artistically Inclined Licensing link and place the copyright information as well as license number on the creation, as stated in #3.

If you have any questions, please contact Jess or Mindy Mae any time at the following email address:





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